A Kid's Point of View
by Josie Scratchard, age 10 on January 31st, 2014

Have you ever wondered what a kid might think of trees and their importance? You can ask any adult about what trees mean to them, but a kid's answer is much different. If you have ever asked a kid the question "Why are trees important?", the answer would be short and simple... "Trees are impotant because they give off oxygen so everybody (and everything) can breathe. That's why they should never be harmed."

These are my reasons why to not cut down or harm trees (unless they are dead, have a desease, etc.):
#1. They are alive just like people and animals! So, treat them with kindness and respect.
#2. They keep us alive!
#3. All trees are cool and unique!
#4. They are fun to climb! Just don't break any limbs--yours or the tree's.
#5. They give shade! Whether it's for you to nap under, it's super hot, the sun is shining, or you want to read under it, shade is very important.
#6. They are homes for many animals!
#7. They are part of our natural enviornment! They are a never-to-be-forgotten form of life that we can help, save, and make more of!
#8. They are living things, too! How would you like it if someone took an axe and chopped you down?!

Thank for paying attention to a ten year old for a little bit, they don't usaully get much attention- especially on such an important topic as this! I hope you learned many reasons why a tree is important, from a different side of the topic.

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